Finding IDUG NA is easier than Finding the Car Keys

Depending upon your timezone, it is (or will soon be) May 2, 2011 and time for the IDUG DB2 Tech Conference to start.  Since most of the attendees are also fans of social media, there will be much information sharing.  Of course, given all the different electronic voices out there, finding IDUG might be as challenging as Finding Nemo (get the Disneyland reference?).

But, I have some info that will help those who aren’t here, as well as those who are, keep up with all the current  chatter about all the great events.

On Twitter when looking for conference updates, such as scheduling, special events, changes in venue or speakers, follow @IDUGConference.

#idugna is the hash tag to follow for updates from many of the attendees (me included).

If you want to check on Facebook, is the place to look.

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