Consulting Services

Rebecca is available to assist with ALL your DB2 LUW database needs including:

Security Audits and Reviews:

All tasks may be customized to match the customer’s need.

A few examples are:

  • Review data classification methodologies and/or suggest approaches
  • Check access controls including authorizations, privileges and connection settings
  • Review auditing mechanisms for efficacy, completeness and performance
  • Verify that configuration settings are in accordance with generally accepted security best practices
  • Provide recommendations for encryption
  • Disaster Recovery and Contingency Planning and Review
  • DB2 security policy/procedure creation and/or review

Staff training

Suggest or design pen testing approaches and strategies

Pre-planning for breach response in accordance with regulatory requirements and industry best practices.

DB2 Installation, Initial Setup, Migrations and Upgrades

Whether you need to do a new install, move from one product level to another, apply fixpacks, or just determine if you have the best product for your needs, the DB2Locksmith can help. You can rest assured that “best practice” security approaches will be appropriately incorporated as part of all work performed.

Database Sizing and growth projections

Not sure how to properly determine size and growth projections? Unsure about ‘best fit’ hardware for your processing needs? Rebecca’s record of accurately predicting database sizing and growth has been proven to have a bulls-eye aim at the target. If history is any indication, her sizing estimates hold true even at the five year mark. Given the ambiguity of most initial requirements, this is a fantastic success rate.

Expert Performance Tuning (extensive, proven experience)

What do you say to a DB2 DBA who tunes the database so well that a Fortune 500, internationally recognized COTS vendor calls her and asks her how she did it? What do you say to that same DBA when her tuning efforts result in a transactional processing rate that significantly beats performance for the COTS product when it is running on its native (hint, it wasn’t DB2) database platform? Here’s what you say….”let’s bring her in and let her tune our DB2 LUW environments.”