Avoiding the Fire-Breathing Dragon

In my spare time, I write children’s stories. Obviously Dragons enter those storylines from time to time. I always tell my readers that Dragons should be approached cautiously, even the purple ones, cause you can’t tell which ones are the Fire-Breathing kind until you are being toasted.

I never actually thought about writing about Dragons and DB2, but today, the two combined into a cautionary tail (tale).

Most folks know that I am a security junkie. If it can be locked down, I want to be the one turn the key; but I also like to avoid Dragons.

One Dragon that I really take seriously is the kind that encourages us to change file system permissions for DB2’s installed “engine” files.

For example: /opt/IBM/db2/ is the typical path for installation of the files that DB2 uses to make itself do all the fun stuff we want….like creating instances. So, if my System Admin who holds Root begins changing those file system permissions in an attempt to “lock down” security, she might just rouse the Dragon. And, you just never know whether it is going to be a friendly Dragon or the Fire-Breathing kind.

Security is good, but please remain aware of the Dragons….unless you happen to have a storybook princess or white knight who can tame the fearsome beast before you are toast!


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